Live Event: Thoughts@Scale Weekly Series

A transformative weekly event series designed for leaders and decision-makers who are navigating the complex journey of organizational scaling. Whether you're a startup on the brink of expansion or an established company aiming for sustainable growth, this event is tailored to address the challenges you face.

When: Thursdays at 12PM EST (30 Min)

Who should attend: Life Sciences executives, managers, and decision-makers who are helping organizations scale, grow, add capacity, etc.

Why Attend?

Scaling an organization is not just about growing; it's about growing smartly and sustainably. In Thoughts@Scale, we delve into key topics that are critical for any organization looking to scale effectively. Each 30-minute session is designed to provide actionable insights that you can immediately apply to your business.

What to expect:

  • Weekly 30-Minute Calls: Consistency is key to growth. Join us every week for a focused 30-minute discussion that will equip you with actionable insights.

  • Rapid: We value your time. Each session is a quick but deep dive into a specific topic, offering you the most value in the least amount of time.

  • Focused Discussions: Our sessions are laser-focused on issues that organizations face as they scale. From aligning strategy and vision to leveraging technology for growth, each topic is handpicked for its relevance and impact.

Topics We Will Cover:

  • Strategy and Vision: Align your company's vision with actionable strategies.

  • Precision in Execution: Ensure every move counts.

  • Role and Responsibility Clarity: Know who does what and why.

  • Measurement Transparency: Make data-driven decisions.

  • Process Efficiency and Optimization: Do more with less.

  • Technology Leverage: Use technology as a growth catalyst.

  • Process Improvement and Innovation: Continuously adapt and innovate.

  • Team Synchronization: Keep everyone rowing in the same direction.

  • Crisis Management: Handle crises without derailing your objectives.

Here is the video from last week

Don Davis PhD, MBA

Founder & CEO 5280 Life Sciences Consulting, LLC

I am the founder and CEO of 5280 Life Sciences Consulting, LLC, a specialized boutique firm dedicated to aiding life science companies in their scaling endeavors. With a keen focus on enhancing capacity, the firm's approach is rooted in the precise alignment of strategy, people, process, and technology. This alignment empowers organizations to grow and expedite the delivery of life-saving technologies to the market.

In my 18-year tenure as a senior executive at GE Healthcare, I became a master of rescue missions, salvaging 8 different failed integrations from imminent failure. My scaling journey didn't stop there; I honed my skills further at renowned companies like BD, Roche, and ArcherDx before founding 5280 Life Sciences Consulting.

After founding 5280 Life Sciences Consulting I solidified the final components of a unique and powerful framework, now trademarked as ScalingMethod™️. This innovative framework offers an in-depth analysis of organizations within the sector, culminating in a tailored blueprint for scaling.

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